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You need Spins to join a live show. Just hit the “Get Spins” button daily to earn yours!

Join a Game

Hit the Register button on the live schedule to join a live show!


Once a live show starts, you pick Blue or Gold! Each Qriket LIVE game is 10 rounds. Before each round, we spin the Points Wheel to see how many points the round is worth! If it lands on your colour, you win points! Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!

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Meet The Emojis

Plus $50

Plus $50 added to the grand prize!

Minus $50

Minus $50 from the grand prize!

Bonus Spin

We add an extra round to the game!

Color Switch

Gold flips to blue, blue flips to gold!

x2 Points

Double points for this round!

– Points

Minus points for this round!


Everyone’s points reset to zero!




Keep it groovy & #HappySpinning